What people are saying

……I knew that Marie’s Energy Work had helped by arthritis; still I was a bit skeptical when she suggested I try some of her Healing Energy Bracelets for my arthritis. She made me two, one for each wrist, as both my hands were bad. Well, was I ever surprised, when after 2 days I was able to close both of my hands and make fists without pain. Ok, I am a believer. Thank you Marie.
Joe G. San Antonio, TX

The joints in my hands were swollen and painful from arthritis. I requested a bracelet for arthritis and Marie chose one especially for me. I wear it faithfully and was astonished to find on one particularly rainy day I was pain free! Thanks so much Marie.
Hilda M., Vero Beach, FL

As a women I can get kind of crazy, and crabby around that time of the month. I also get really bad cramps and so when Marie told me to try wearing the PMS bracelet that she made I said okay I will try it. As I wore the bracelet during that time of the month I noticed that I was having lighter cramps and I was not as crabby or crazy as I normally am. The bracelet worked great, besides it being stylish and comfortable I truly believe that it has healing powers. Thanks Marie

Melissa, New Britain CT

…………………a friend referred me to Marie, for my insomnia. As we were speaking, Marie asked me if I suffered from nightmares and were they specific. I shared with her that I was actually suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from an incident that had occurred earlier in the year. ………I picked up the bracelet she had made for me a “recipe” for insomnia and to help alleviate nightmares. That night I put it on before going to bed and was so happy I almost cried, when I woke up, fully rested, no nightmares and I had a pleasant dream. (My active dreaming had stopped when the nightmares started.) God Bless you Marie.
Nicole S. New Britain, CT

………my answer was, to be honest, at first I didn’t notice anything when I put the bracelet on. Every morning for a week as soon as I was dressed the bracelet went on. Then one day I forgot to put the bracelet on and I definitely felt a difference with out it. This happened two more times with the same result. So I guess I did feel a difference, sort of in reverse…..
Shara L.Berlin, CT

………my husband had just moved out and I was feeling quite a bit of anxiety, to say the least. My mom stopped over to offer her support. In the middle of our conversation, she took a gemstone bracelet off of her wrist and gave it to me. She told me it would bring me happiness. Was I surprised when I actually felt much better the next day and the next day. I don’t want to take it off. Thanks mom.
Mary, CT

..after I had purchased an anklet for the arthritis in my ankle, Marie Olympia offered to let me test a bracelet for a problem I was having in my shoulder, due to a fall. Actually, she had me test 2 of them. The bracelet was to help eliminate pain and strengthen the connective tissue and bones. After a week I ended up buying both of them. My shoulder hasn\'t felt this good in over a year. And to think I laughed (lovingly) when Marie told me about the healing gemstone jewelry. I guess the laugh is on me. Anyway, I can tell you they work.
Rich P.

Marie has so much knowledge and intuition about the body. I had an appointment for a Jin Shin Do session. She helped to relieve my pain, my stress,and to re-energize my body.
Joyce B., West Hartford., CT