Meet Marie Olympia

As a child I was always in awe of rock formations and beautiful stones. Today, I love driving through an area of the highway that is built through rock ledges. I feel happy and at peace whenever I pass through them. It’s no wonder that my life’s path has led me to work with gemstones to enhance my energy healing gifts.
I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist and Healing Energy Worker for over 30 years. (Healing Energy work includes balancing the Chakras and Meridians of the body.) Blending these gifts with my Intuitive Holistic Coaching, and teaching clients how a holistic approach to health with a positive attitude along with a belief in a Higher Power, can lead them to optimum health and a happy peaceful life.
I am a very spiritual person and practice many formal holistic therapies. I am always trying to bring balance, harmony and healing, with the help of my Angels and Spirit Guides, to everyone I meet.
Like most “jobs” I am given by the universe, making healing gemstone bracelets came to me through another person and quite unexpectedly. While attending a party for my niece, one of her friends had these beautiful gemstone bracelets on. In conversation I discovered that she had a friend who lived in Malaysia and had these bracelets made there. Healing gemstones are one of the primary healing modalities in the Malaysian culture. A friend of mine had just been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and I wanted to make a piece of jewelry for her using healing gemstones. After leaning which stones might have a positive and healing effect, I made her a beautiful necklace and had my sister make my friend earrings to match.
While making this necklace, I intuitively knew that this was something I was to continue doing for other people. As I prayed about it, I clearly got the message that my intuition was right. I started developing healing “recipes” that came to me intuitively, based on the healing properties of each gemstone, the needs of my family and friends and the guidance that I received for the unique purpose of each piece of jewelry. So far I have had great success. As I extended the healing bracelets to my friends, I became more and more guided to continue. Developing new “recipes” along the way.
Working with Angels, has always been a big part of my life. I realized that once again they are calling on me to use my gifts to help heal the planet “one person at a time”.
I have come across healing energy bracelets that are very fancy, and very expensive. For me, I have chosen, for today, to make my bracelets simple, attractive and affordable. Each bracelet is infused with Universal Healing Energy to enhance the natural healing powers of the gemstones and for the specific intent they were created. I also will make special order bracelets. Please email me for more information.
Thank you in advance for visiting my site and purchasing one of my Healing Energy Bracelets.
Peace and Angel Blessings,
Marie Olympia