Conditions F-G

The Healing Gemstone "recipes" on this page are all infused with Healing Energy, Love, and Angel Blessings to help and support you on your path to well being and health.

Unless otherwise noted, the gemstone bracelets are strung on heavy duty elastic and with proper care should last a long time.

Any bracelet can be changed over to either a Sterling Silver clasp for and additional $10.00, or a Silver Plated clasp for an additional $6.00. You will need to email for any changes, before you make payment. Thank you.

Free to be Me-1247
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This bracelet allows free expression of thoughts and feelings. Counteracts repression of feelings that stem from being judged, rejected or not good enough. Releases the wearer from parental judgement issues and gently dissolves patterns of repression.

Blue Lace Agate and Purple Aventurine.
With Sterling Silver Clasp

$ 34.00


Grieving - 1208a
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This recipe helps to heal a broken heat and the emotional pain that comes with it. Helps you to gently move thru the stages of loss to acceptance and peace.

Gemstones: Rose Quartz and Amethyst.

$ 26.00


Focused Motivation-1237
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This recipe will not only get you motivated, but also keep you focused on the task at hand. Also help you keep your feet on the ground in order to accomplish your goal.

Gemstones: Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Red Tigers Eye and Hematite. With Sterling Silver Clasp

Size: XL 8.5

$ 34.00